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Microsoft 365 | Rebranding Office 365 business plans


The news is huge! Microsoft has decided to rebrand Office 365 business plans and name them on Microsoft 365 context, from April 21st, 2020. A few years ago when Microsoft 365 was introduced, its sole purpose was to provide a subscription bundle of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. However, recently, Microsoft made an announcement that the tech giant has decided to rebrand a few subscription plans, and introduced a few new plans.

Which plans are affected by this M365 name change?

The flowing plans are affected by this announcement:

  • Office 365 Business and Office 365 Pro Plus

Both of these will be called Microsoft 365 Apps starting 21st April, 2020. To distinguish between the two, Microsoft will continue using “for business” and “for enterprise” as labels

  • Office 365 Business Premium

This will be rebranded Microsoft 365 Business Standard and all occurrences in documentation must be changed accordingly.

  • Office 365 Business Essentials

This plan will now be called as Microsoft 365 Business Basic from 21st April, 2020.

  • Microsoft 365 Business

Even though it is not a part of Office 365 family, Microsoft has announced this would be rebranded as Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Which plans remain unchanged?

Other than the plans mentioned above, most plans are unaffected by the name change announcement. To give you a clear view you about whether your subscription plan is rebranded or not, take a look at the following list and find it yourself. The following plans have remained unchanged.

Office 365 for Government

  • Office 365 G1
  • Office 365 G3
  • Office 365 G5

Office 365 for Enterprise

  • Office 365 E1
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E5

Office 365 for Education

  • Office 365 A1
  • Office 365 A3
  • Office 365 A5

Office 365 for First line

  • Office 365 F1

The motivation behind rebranding

The Microsoft officials mentioned in the blogpost, where they announced the rebranding news, that the idea of rebranding is to indicate that Office 365 is not just Word, Excel and PowerPoint that half of the world still believes. Office 365 has grown a lot in the past years with products like Teams, Forms, Stream, and Planner and the name Microsoft 365 is a true depiction of what Office has evolved into, over the years. The officials confirmed that there won’t be any changes for now in price, features or the plans.

MachCloud – the favorite Microsoft 365 Provider for Resellers

If you are in search for a Platform to offer best in line Microsoft 365, look no further. MachCloud offers the best Reselling opportunity for all Office 365 resellers in the market. With better profit margins and a high reliability of services, MachCloud has become the favorite platform for Resellers. It offers basic plans like business plans (which include Business Basic, Business Apps, Business Standard and Business Premium), enterprise plans (which include Enterprise E1, Enterprise ProPlus and Enterprise E3) as well as Add-ons like Business Voice, Phone System and Business Apps. With the addition of delivering telephony services you offer a complete package, all from the MachCloud Portal.

Stay ahead of the curve and get your hands on MachCloud for a smooth and profitable service delivery to your customers.

Exciting MachCloud Offers: Pricing and Plans for a Successful SaaS Business


MachCloud offers pocket-friendly Plans which are the main reason MachCloud is considered the game changer in business and hence it is expected to take the industry by a storm.  With so many fruitful offerings for your SaaS business, MachCloud stands out in the market with its unique offering of SIP trunking and VoIP together with ardent customer support and best advice from Industry experts. Let us introduce you the plans and pricing models with which you can save more, plan better and accomplish the most!

“Become a Partner” Plans

With MachCloud Become a Partner plans, you are in control of the pricing, customers and business. MachCloud experts help you get the most out of your business automation through the plans you choose. There are two basic models to choose form: Trusted advisor and Private label.

Trusted Advisor

In this model, MachCloud does the customer handling. You are able to get one time commission for each client along with monthly recurring revenue till the time the client is under contract. You get to close the deal with assistance from MachCloud experts. MachCloud offers expert assistance 24/7. It means your SaaS business is fully functional around the clock. There are no contractual complexities and it costs you nothing at all.

Private Label

In this model, you get to take care of the customers the way you like hence customer handling is your domain. You own the customers and manage customer relationship with them too. In addition to this, this model offers flexible margin setting, hence you are free to bill at your own price. Closing the deal is also your domain and you will stay in control of that. Like the customer relationship handling, you provide the technical support to customers as well. However, MachCloud offers technical expertise from the best industry experts to facilitate your technical support to your customers around the clock. The initial investments are zero and there are no complications of contracts either. It is all simple, designed according to your flexibility.

For details; visit

Office 365 Plans and Pricing

In addition to become a partner, our experts offer Office 365 Plans and pricing designed according to your business needs. There are two plans: Business Plans and Enterprise Plans.

Business Plans

This category offers plans which have users up to 300 in total. This is best suited for SMEs and any not-so-large SaaS business. There are three office 365 plans: Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium. For Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business you get unlimited support all year long. For the plan, Office 365 Business Essentials, you get Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype4B. In Office 365 Business, MachCloud offers, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, OneDrive and PowerPoint Online. For Office 365 Business Premium, you get all the apps from Office 365 Business and additionally, you get to have Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business.

Enterprise Plans

In this category, MachCloud offers, three plans for your SaaS business: Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Enterprise E3. For the first and third i.e. Office 365 Enterprise E1 and Office 365 Enterprise E3, you get unlimited support from MachCloud experts. In case of Office 365 Enterprise E1, MachCloud offers Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype4B. In case of Office 365 ProPlus, MachCloud offers Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, OneDrive and PowerPoint Online whereas in Office 365 Enterprise E3, you get to have, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint Online, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype4B. In this category, you can have unlimited number of users of your apps and further MachCloud offers advanced features.

For details; visit

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the pricing and packaging details, it’s high time you should choose a package that suits your SaaS business. Not only you are bound to find one from the above details but your business is bound to rise to success and growth. Now here’s your chance to grab the opportunity with MachCloud.


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