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4 exciting Unified Communications benefits to workplaces

Ever since Unified communication solutions have entered the business pace, it has taken enterprises by a storm. Not lonely enterprises but fast progressing startups and SMEs also opt for Unified communications and digital communication solutions for better business collaboration. Unified communication fosters better collaboration Business collaboration has been one of the main factors that drive...

How Unified Communications impacts post Covid19 world

Ever since the world was hit by COVID-19, Unified communication systems have played a huge role in keeping the world business connected. It is only through video conferencing tools that students were able to continue with their academics, businesses were able to keep their office collaboration intact and general people were able to stay in touch with their families while maintaining social...

Can you call 911 (US) or 112 (EU) with VoIP?

Yes, Most VoIP Providers offer calling to 911/112 services. The original system only connected the caller to the police station and no physical location was provided. Nowadays the physical location of the caller is shared with the Emergency Service in an automated manner.
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How to set up a softphone?

To configure softphones, 3 pieces of information are needed: the extension number, registration password, and a registrar. The extension number is the Username or authorized username with which you will access the phone, the password is the phone password and the registrar is the Proxy or Domain, the IP Hostname of PBX. A (cloud)PBX must be set up in place beforehand. A softphone is configured...

What are the disadvantages of VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over IP) is mature digital communication technology. There are a few limitations that include the dependency on a high bandwidth connection, latency in communication lines, and jitter amidst VoIP Phone calls and least location tracking options. VoIP is only as good as your Internet connection. To implement VoIP as a full-fledged Business Phone, much attention to detail must be given...

Why large companies opt the Cloud Phone System? (and why you should too!)

Most Telcos today have already made the shift to a cloud phone system. Cloud Phone providers all over the world have successfully maintained the services and proven that a cloud phone system can successfully be installed and implemented as a full-fledged Business Phone. Business analysts have predicted that the global market for overall cloud services has the potential to reach around 160 billion...

Is Skype for Business a VoIP?

Originally, when Skype was launched, it was a proprietary VoIP system. However, Microsoft has made quite enhancements in its back-end infrastructure and it has now completely moved to a cloud-based service powered by Azure. However, Skype for Business can essentially be used and connected with a SIP Trunk to carry outcalls. Originally, Skype came from a more distributed system. Every device that...

What is a unified IP phone?

An IP Phone is a complete enterprise-grade business phone that delivers modern voice communication services with a user-friendly approach. These phones support the single-call per-line appearance. This means each call session is supported on a single line – with a unified IP Phone, you never miss another call. The incoming call is never directed to voicemail and all calls can be answered...

Work from home simplified with Microsoft Teams and MachCloud

Work From Home has been a norm in the IT industry for a couple of years. After the advent of COVID-19 this year, a lot of companies that never had remote working policies had to make their employees work from home. Microsoft Teams is equipped with features that enable employees to work remotely and still stay in line with the happenings through the Modern Workplace. What are Microsoft Teams...

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MachCloud is a leading solution provider, crossing all the barriers, for true cross platform unified communication.

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