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Have you done your Skype for Business migration to Teams?

Skype for Business to Teams migration is now more essential than ever due to the fact that Skype for Business is no more available. Microsoft had announced the dates fairly early before they planned to make the move. If you haven’t been into the migration process yet, it’s high time you should bring the change into your company for a persistent cloud telephony experience with Teams How to...

How to make an effective Conference Call within Unified Communications setup?

To make a Live conference call, you need to set up the configurations in place. While you plan to host the call, it is best to collect all information that the participants need like a security passcode (in some cases) and / or a dial in number. Decide the time that is suitable for the participants to join in. Draft an agenda for the conference and add this to the details. Then, you must schedule...

Should I Switch My Small Business Phone System to VoIP?

Yes, many companies have already switched to Voice over IP and Cloud-based Telephony services. As a matter of fact, if you don’t switch your business to a cloud-based phone system like VoIP, you’ll soon have to. Small businesses can go around well without a VoIP service. However, the future of communications lies within cloud-based phone systems. It is best to make the shift right now. It is...

Cloud Communication & Business Phone | The Base for Modern Workplace

Cloud communication has improved the way employees and customers communicate with one another. A Cloud communication platform is the key to manage and carry out all business communications. In the post-pandemic era, Cloud phone vendors have realized that these platforms need to be diverse enough to cater the modern business communication needs. In short, companies have now realized that these...

How do I call emergency services from my cloud-based phone system?

Cloud-based phone systems offer emergency services too. In case you wish to utilize that service, the cloud-based phone system must set up the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and must be aligned with 112 obligations. These systems are able to get the user’s location and the callback number. So you better rely entirely on systems that comply with 112 regulations. Talk to a MachCloud...

All you Need to Know for effective Microsoft Teams Migration

Many users plan their migration from Skype to Teams. If you haven’t marked your calendars already, 31st July is the date when Skype for Business is officially retiring. Migrating data and contacts to the new environment, Microsoft Teams, is a sensitive task. You need to be equipped with all the knowledge for Microsoft Teams migrations and deployment. A Microsoft Teams implementation checklist...

Skype for Business Online Retires | Microsoft Teams is the new norm

If you haven’t noticed already, Skype for Business Online is retiring this month. Businesses that took interest in Skype for Business Online and unified business communications services are well aware of the fact that Microsoft announced this retirement two years ago. The new platform is Microsoft Teams which is equipped with much more. Since the announcement took place, a large number of...

4 exciting Unified Communications benefits to workplaces

Ever since Unified communication solutions have entered the business pace, it has taken enterprises by a storm. Not lonely enterprises but fast progressing startups and SMEs also opt for Unified communications and digital communication solutions for better business collaboration. Unified communication fosters better collaboration Business collaboration has been one of the main factors that drive...

How Unified Communications impacts post Covid19 world

Ever since the world was hit by COVID-19, Unified communication systems have played a huge role in keeping the world business connected. It is only through video conferencing tools that students were able to continue with their academics, businesses were able to keep their office collaboration intact and general people were able to stay in touch with their families while maintaining social...

Can you call 911 (US) or 112 (EU) with VoIP?

Yes, Most VoIP Providers offer calling to 911/112 services. The original system only connected the caller to the police station and no physical location was provided. Nowadays the physical location of the caller is shared with the Emergency Service in an automated manner.
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MachCloud is a leading solution provider, crossing all the barriers, for true cross platform unified communication.

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