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The Future of Unified Communications: What to Expect


Unified communications have changed the way people do business. With a guaranteed unified communication solution in place, you can approach your customers better, perform inter-office collaboration in a better way and experience better team management for projects. The shape of unified communications as we see today has come a long while with technological advancements from simple phone systems to VoIP solutions and finally the Cloud PBX and SIP Trunking.

But what is beyond that?

Pertaining to the nature of changing technology there is little chance that all-in-one Unified Communication tools will stay for long. In fact, in future, something more dynamic is expected in the field of UC.

Experts predict that in future, the AI aspects of unified communication solutions would include features like facial recognition in video conferencing, intelligent speaker tracking in a meeting, automated identification and authorization of meeting members, finding useful content related to meeting agenda, generating meeting minutes, Intelligent recommendation system on which employees should join a meeting. Here’s an insight to what expert suggest that the future of UC business solutions would include:

1.      Improved Collaboration

Since remote work is on the rise, UC business solutions are likely to become improved collaborative tools in future. Collaborative tools would soon be incorporated into UC solutions so that customers can utilize maximum benefit from communication infrastructure. Through this approach, remotely working employees can get seamless access to documents and important project files stay involved in monthly meetings, provide the company with digital marketing services and many benefits that lead to more potential within the business environment.

2.      Increased Mobility

In the present era, businesses demand mobility. Gone are the days when workspaces where confined to business locations. With increasing Mobility demands, UC communications play a role to meet these increased mobility demands. This is especially necessary for Teams members and coworkers in a project as it makes them notified and keeps up with the project on-goings in real-time. The nextGen UC business solutions are expected to be integrated smoothly with development environments to facilitate users with optimum collaboration while being in different geographical locations.

3.      Hybrid UC Solutions

A typical hybrid scenario is when an on-site hardware implementation is used in combination with integrated cloud-based UC services which offer cloud based features like inbound and outbound calling, nationwide dial tone, competitive long distance rates and international call rates and many more. Hosted Voice solutions would be more in demand in future hybrid scenarios than ever before.

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UC solutions are here to stay. In future, there would be many more streams of UC business solutions needs which we might be overlooking at present. For this, Cloud UC solution providers must possess infrastructures that have the potential to scale up the business in future. MachCloud offers all the flexibility needed for a business to implement UC solutions in different combinations like using Teams, Skype4Buisness, SIP Trunking or Cloud PBX. With this freedom of choice, the nextGen UC Solution needs can be met in a timely manner along with unlocking various market opportunities for streamline revenue. Smart resellers foresee the future UC solution needs, because flexibility is what makes the future of UC business solutions promising. All the resellers out there have a choice to opt for Providers providing top-notch UC solutions that serve the purpose of current UC business needs or go for top-notch providers who foresee the future needs of UC business solutions with flexibility and market opportunities.


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