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How to make an effective Conference Call within Unified Communications setup?


To make a Live conference call, you need to set up the configurations in place. While you plan to host the call, it is best to collect all information that the participants need like a security passcode (in some cases) and / or a dial in number. Decide the time that is suitable for the participants to join in. Draft an agenda for the conference and add this to the details.

Then, you must schedule the conference call and send the details to the participants and send the call invite. If you wish to start it with a smartphone, you can start a call and then tap “Hold”. Tap Add call to start a new call and add in participants. Then you can Merge the two calls. All of these options are provided by a unified communication service provider. This approach is best for security reasons and to avoid attacks like Zoom bombing.

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What is a Cloud PBX?


A cloud-based PBX is a business phone system. MachCloud offers a complete Cloud Phone system via Cloud PBX. It empowers businesses to utilize PBX capabilities right from the cloud. Cloud PBX is a type of modern telephony system in which flexibility is the prime concern. It provides ways to integrate cloud services and features with the current telephony infrastructure. Traditionally, PBX systems were used to make receive and transfer calls; MachCloud® Cloud PBX replaces that system and provides full control on call functionality.

The MachCloud Cloud PBX is a unified communication system that provides initiating and receiving phone calls as well as conference call involving more than one participant, call queues, and much more. Calls can be delivered and managed from the portal and MachCloud Cloud PBX does not bind the users to a specific location or device. 

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