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Is Skype for Business a VoIP?


Originally, when Skype was launched, it was a proprietary VoIP system. However, Microsoft has made quite enhancements in its back-end infrastructure and it has now completely moved to a cloud-based service powered by Azure. However, Skype for Business can essentially be used and connected with a SIP Trunk to carry outcalls.

Originally, Skype came from a more distributed system. Every device that needed to communicate over Skype had to install a client application due to which it became a node in a network of nodes. The communication was carried out via the Peer-to-Peer network and used the Skype Protocol. Presently, Skype for Business has emerged as a centralized Cloud-based infrastructure in which call management is more controlled and streamlined. Today, Skype can be integrated well into the Business Phone system which includes SIP Phones or VoIP Phones.

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What is a unified IP phone?


An IP Phone is a complete enterprise-grade business phone that delivers modern voice communication services with a user-friendly approach. These phones support the single-call per-line appearance. This means each call session is supported on a single line – with a unified IP Phone, you never miss another call. The incoming call is never directed to voicemail and all calls can be answered with a user at each end. These phones are also low cost and consume less power thus it reduces overall business phone calling costs. These include full-duplex speakerphones and communication on the go with a hands-free approach.

Investing in a unified IP Phone lets organizations open new communication gateways which include adopting and expanding communication to incorporate total collaboration solutions onboard. This helps improve productivity and provide next-level collaboration amongst employees.

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Why can’t I add Planner to a private channel in Microsoft Teams?


The planner is inherently not designed for Private chats. Its underlying model makes it a service that is open and collaborative. Indeed, you can’t have a private planner, but you can always add the participants in a private chat to be added in a planner (not privately). Private channels were initially introduced to sensitive information within a Teams channel like budget, login credentials, resourcing, etc. Private channels can be composed of a subset of people within Microsoft Teams.

Since Private Channels are a new thing in Teams lately, according to Microsoft, Teams private channels do not support apps like Stream, Planner, and Forms. All other connectors and tabs are supported. Apps like Planner have a pretty tight integration to Office 365 groups and thus they are not yet supported in Teams.

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What are the Unified Communication platforms?


Unedited communications form many different platforms of communications into one centralized and unified manner. Platforms like business phone systems having features like audio conferencing, instant messaging, and others like email, SMS, video conferencing, and Fax together make up the broader unified communication platform. Unified communications provide a way to centrally manage all the communication within an organization via different channels.

Technologies like Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking, and other platforms like Microsoft Teams form a part of the overall unified communication domain. A unified communication system provides the level of modern connectivity and reliability needed in enterprise communication. With multiple communication platforms working together to provide a unified communication experience within an organization, the employees can experience better connectivity and thus the business gets the required competitive edge.

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What is Enterprise Communications?


Enterprise communication refers to all kinds of communication dimensions that are utilized in organizations and enterprises amongst employees to communicate effectively. Forms of communication include chat, email, IM, audio conferencing, video conferencing, business phone and many others. Enterprise communication has to be fault-tolerant, secure and reliable. Providers that offer such services have to make sure that the infrastructure is easy to manage and flexible according to enterprise needs.

Unified Communications and collaboration services go for a centralized approach towards various communication technologies on a unified platform that can be centrally managed and monitored. This makes sure the employees are communicating seamlessly and there are sharing options to fulfill the collaboration needs of today’s customers and employees. Unified communication enables the enterprise to facilitate employees with communication services as much as possible.

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Can Microsoft Teams chats be monitored?


No, it can’t be monitored by some user who is not part of the chat. Only the users involved in the chat can view it. However, there are ways in which Supervisors can control the way they interact in Teams. For example, the administrators have a right to control what appears in the Teams user’s activity feed, the admin can control the way users tag and interact on Tagging in a Teams chat. The admins can also turn on or off Email integration so they can control whether the users can send emails to a Teams channel or not and they can also turn off file-sharing altogether. There are options to turn off cloud file storage as well.

The admins also have a right to manage external access. However, conversations that are a part of Teams channel are maintained in Microsoft Teams Mailboxes. For the education sector, Microsoft has provided teachers to view the students’ chats to keep a check on aggressive or bullying behavior, however, little benefits are given to Teachers to stop or interact immediately during the Chat.

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Can I change an existing Office 365 “Group” to a “Teams”?


Yes, it is possible. Or put it another way, you can create a Team from an existing Office 365 group. This is done from the Microsoft Teams app. Select Join or Create a Team; you’ll be presented with two options, Create Team or Join Team with a code. From that, choose Create Team and then select Create From… You’ll be presented with Teams or Office 365 group, there you must select Office 365 group. Next, you’ll be presented with a list of your existing Office 365 groups. Select the group for which you wish to create a Team. This will permanently add Teams to your existing Office 365 group.

The Team is now created and next, you can view its landing page. To verify members, select Manage Team All the owners, members, and guests from the Office 365 group must be there.

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What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams?


Microsoft Teams has provided many business benefits to organizations like IT companies, Educational institutes, Government sectors, Hospitals, and many more. Microsoft Teams provide collaboration to its users that results in the next level of interaction between the users of the same type.

MS Teams let users interact in a variety of ways such as video conferencing, audio conferencing, persistent chat, and many others. Microsoft Teams is native to Microsoft 365, so sharing is a lot easier than via OneDrive. Microsoft Teams are easily set up using an existing Cloud PBX system. Microsoft Teams are easily adoptable due to Teams Calling Plans and Teams Direct Routing options. Microsoft Teams also provide features like Guest login, app management, admin rights, and much more. It is cross-functional in nature.

From a security perspective, MS Teams have various benefits since the chats remain private. Microsoft deploys best security practices in Teams like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. Microsoft Teams, thus, serves as a secure mode of business communication.

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What is the Difference Between Cloud and Traditional PBX?


The basic difference lies with the setting up of the two business phone systems. In a Traditional PBX method, an on-premises phone system is linked to all the phone extensions and further connected to PSTN lines. They are usually a CapEx purchase. In contrast, a cloud-based business communication system offers more flexible options. A cloud-based PBX system is also called Hosted service in which the main element to connect extensions is the Internet. In this setup, the company usually has to pay for the softphones or the endpoints. In addition to this, the cloud Hosted PBX service providers charge a monthly fee for the services. The Hosted PBX approach is, thus, much of a cheaper alternative to the traditional PBX system. There is no initial installation cost of PBX maintenance costs. The system is better scalable for the company than in the case of a traditional PBX. Hosted PBX offers remote working and business communication that is not defined within the office walls.

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