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Call with Microsoft Teams with a click from the email signature


Do your relations call with Microsoft Teams or a softphone? Then make sure that the telephone number stated in your e-mail signature can be dialed directly. The most convenient way is to include the telephone number as an HTML rule in your e-mail signature.

You do this by adding “tel:”. In HTML it looks like this as an example:<a href=”tel:+31886224000“> tel: 31 (0) 88 622 4000 </a>

In Outlook:

1: In Outlook go to File> Options> Mail and select “Signatures”;

2: Open the Outlook signature folder on your computer;

3: Search for and open the new signature file, for example in notepad;

4: Enter the above HTML code with your telephone number and save.

If the recipient now clicks on the link in your signature, a screen will open where they can choose how to call, for example with Microsoft Teams. Similarly, you can add sip with a colon for your Microsoft Teams username. If someone then clicks on this link, Teams will also open immediately. However, the combination of “tel:” with a telephone number works best for both desktop and mobile browser.

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