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How to enable PSTN calling in Microsoft Teams?


PSTN calling in Microsoft Teams can be enabled in two ways

Add Calling plans to Microsoft 365 licenses in Teams itself (if available in your Country). To be able to call from a mobile phone via PSTN in Teams, users must have 1:1 calling enabled in Teams and must be using a Teams client supporting 1:1 Teams Calling. Next, you need to be able to enable the Dial Plan tab in Teams. And the admin must provision the users for Calling plans. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Europe.

The best way (available worldwide) is to add Calling plans from your local Telephony Provider who will enable Direct Routing to your Teams users for you. Very easy to implement.

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How to link telephony to Microsoft Teams?


The procedure to link your telephony system with Microsoft Teams is fairly simple. First, you must figure out if the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is available in your country. You can check out from the list of countries on Microsoft Teams details from Microsoft. Once your country is there, you must get the necessary licenses from Microsoft. For PSTN calling, the users need to have Microsoft 365 licenses like Business Basic, Standard, and Premium or Enterprise licenses like E1, E3, and E5 including Business Voice or Phone System add-on. After that, you are all set to port existing numbers or purchase new numbers from your current PSTN Network provider and hook these up directly to Teams users together with a calling plan. Alternatively, you can connect Teams to your existing cloud PBX, leaving all your current telephony infrastructure, numbers, and PSTN Network provider as it is.

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