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Top 5 SIP Trunk Reseller mistakes to avoid!


In the modern days, SIP Resellers have to keep an eye on a number of factors for profitable business and in order to become a successful sip trunk reseller. However, the domain of digital business communications is boosting at a fast pace. There are many things to consider for an effective SIP trunk reselling. In addition to this, there are a couple of things that you must avoid, to succeed in sip trunk reselling business, which often get overlooked. Here are 5 don’t for you if you wish to become a successful SIP Trunk Reseller:

  • Selling the Products, Not the Digital Communication Solutions

If you wish to stay in the limelight in the market, focus on the increasing demands of your users and have a strong insight on how your digital communication products can be beneficial for the users. Convince them on how your products can become the Solutions to their common business scenarios. In this way, you’d be selling solutions, not the products.

  • One message for each prospect

Keeping your message too broad for a wide audience is never a good idea. You can have customers from various business backgrounds and a good idea is to cater each set of prospects with a different and specific message. This shall make them interested in your solutions since they get the feel the solutions are customized for them!

  • The wrong number of SIP channels

The demand for digital communications is increasing. SIP Resellers often overlook the increasing need of their customers and end up facing bottleneck issues. A good SIP trunk reseller always has a vision for the increase in SIP channels demand.

  • Ignoring QoS

QoS is an important element which is often ignored. IT is a basic router setting to prioritize voice traffic over data. If not configured correctly, high quality data like video streaming and Voice calls are often affected and results in poor video quality and glitches during calls.  A good SIP Reseller always helps the customers in configuring the QoS on their routers.

  • Overlooking Endpoint Testing

When it comes to communication over the internet, it is always essential to implement end-point security. It is hence important to test each endpoint that the customer plans to implement.

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