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How to change your Microsoft Teams video call background?


Microsoft Teams has gained vast popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic while the businesses and academic institutes switched to remote operations.

Teams video call is one feature that makes Teams stand out from others in the market. While it is very difficult to keep the actual background intact and in place while you are having an official meeting via video call, Microsoft Teams gives you the liberty to have a customized video call background. How cool is that?

How can I change the background in Microsoft Teams?

  1. Start your video call
  2. Select “more actions” the icon with three dots
  3. Select “show background effects”
  4. Just below background settings, select “+ add new”
  5. Select an image directly from your PC’s folder
  6. The new image is added below the existing background images and can be selected as background, select “apply”

Pro Tip: For best results use resolution close to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

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