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What are the disadvantages of VoIP?


VoIP (Voice over IP) is mature digital communication technology. There are a few limitations that include the dependency on a high bandwidth connection, latency in communication lines, and jitter amidst VoIP Phone calls and least location tracking options.

VoIP is only as good as your Internet connection. To implement VoIP as a full-fledged Business Phone, much attention to detail must be given to the connection, and the type of equipment being used by the Internet Service Provider. A good connection has ping and jitter less than 70ms. There must be the least latency and better stability to carry out seamless communication.

In addition to this, VoIP Phones are vulnerable to Cybersecurity hacks and eavesdropping’s over the VoIP connections. Hacktivists find VoIP phones easy targets if Cybersecurity measures and security methods are not implemented.

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