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When Should I Switch to Virtual Private Server/VPS?


Companies often make the move to the VPS when there are extended server requirements. A VPS is best suited if the company requires a faster and more reliable server than shared hosting. A VPS is also best for companies whose server requirements and resources are high like memory utilization, processing power. It is also best when the company expects minimum fluctuation in the available resources of the virtual machine. The best thing about VPS is that the traffic and issues of one server user have no effect on the resources of the other server users. The entire root access is also granted to the server user. Thus, there is more control of VPS hosting than any other hosting server.

Companies that have top-secret data or are reluctant to use a shared memory space with other server users must opt for VPS hosting because all of the data and resources are hidden from other server users.


The Difference between ‘Shared’, ‘VPS’ and ‘Dedicated’ Hosting?


Shared hosting is where the server users share the same type of resources on a single machine. The drawback of such a server is that in the case of a shared machine, the traffic or anomalies of other server users may affect your website’s performance. The best thing about it is that it is the cheapest of all. So, if all necessary security management is done and there are no problems with other server users’ traffic and security then shared hosting is best suited for SMEs.

Dedicated hosting is when the company or the server user opts for the entire machine to run its data and website on. Thus, the user is subscribed to pay for the entire rent of the server machine.

This is the most expensive but robust solution for organizations whose data requirements are huge.

VPS is a solution where shared virtual machines are hosted on the same machine.


The ins and outs of VPS Hosting


What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting works on the principle of virtualization. Within such an environment, multiple common can use isolated instances on the same parent machine or host server. A VPS hosting allows you to access your website from anywhere, a separate bandwidth allocation is done to each customer. In this way, the performance is not affected. Website hosting has been in demand for a while now.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

The whole concept of VPS is that it simulates the experience of a dedicated server. Although the physical server is being shared, the client never feels any glitch due to other website traffic in its cloud business. The concept of virtualization is being carried out. A virtual layer is installed on top of the OS of the server. The server separates individual compartments and containers into different virtual walls. In this way, each layer can have their own hardware and software installed.

VPS vs. Shared & Dedicated Hosting 

Shared Hosting:

This is a hosting plan where the key resources of a server like CPU, RAM and hard drive are stored. The downside of Shared hosting is that if there is a high increase in any website’s traffic, it affects the responsiveness of other websites also. It is, however, a cheap hosting to opt for.

Dedicated Hosting:

A dedicated hosting is when you are having a large amount of traffic more frequently, or when you wish to install your own OS on the server. Another reason to go for Dedicated hosting is when your service is related to financial handling and your cloud business is conducting various financial transactions frequently.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

With VPS, you get the best of both worlds. You get to install your own OS like in the case of a decimated server, and you also get your own domain compartment inside of a shared hosting scenario. If you are worried about the security of your website, VPS is the way to go. In case you are getting good traffic, it’s time to switch to a VPS. Many people having an online store as a cloud business also prefer VPS hosting because of its many benefits. 


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How does VPS hosting differ from shared and dedicated hosting?


Virtual Private Server hosting involves multi-tenant cloud hosting with virtual machines running on a single device. Dedicated hosting requires getting an entire machine with cloud hosting and maintaining sustained access to software and other resources of that machine. The end-user has to pay for the entire machine rent in the form of a subscription.  This model offers maximum possible hardware flexibly. In the case of VPS hosting, there are multiple instances of virtual machines and each machine acts as a dedicated host.

In the case of shared hosting, the end-users share the physical and software resources of a machine on which their data and website are hosted.  This is the cheapest type of all. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive but complete robust solution for enterprises. VPS hosting doesn’t also come at a low price but it is still more cost-effective than a dedicated environment.


What Is a Virtual Private Server/VPS Used for?


A Virtual Private Server is a form of multi-tenant cloud hosting which includes multiple cloud instances and virtualized servers. The integration of services and apps with this infrastructure makes the services and apps “hosted” over the multi-cloud environment. These multi-clouds solutions are then made available to the end-user via the internet. Cloud hosting providers make these services available to the customers. Most of these customers are companies from SMEs to enterprises who benefit from multi-cloud environments or VPS Server and get their data and websites hosted.

There are multiple types of VPS hosting servers: fully managed, unmanaged, shared and dedicated.

A fully managed server provides management services as well as hosting services. In the case of a shared hosting plan, one machine resource is made available to multiple customers or end users.  Dedicated hosting is the answer to problems occurring in shared VPS hosting where there is a dedicated machine for each customer.


6 primary business benefits of a fully managed VPS Hosting


Managed VPS is most in demand for companies that are looking to set up VPS hosting for their basic infrastructure. A managed VPS hosting may sound like you need to spend additional bucks but in reality, it saves you a lot in the longer run. 

For enterprises, hiring resources for the management of servers and other VPS infrastructure may sound costly. In such a case, a managed VPS hosting is the solution to their management problems.  A managed VPS plan not only provides VPS services but also provides management services.  Here are five primary benefits of a fully managed VPS hosting plan:

  1. Enhanced server Monitoring

As the name sounds, a Fully managed VPS is managed by the provider, thus it requires minimal server monitoring from your end. Since it is monitored effectively, threats can be proactively resolved. A lot of things that are needed periodically, like updating software and maintaining the servers, are handled by the provider.

  1. Round the clock technical support

Businesses often face technical issues at one point of time or another. With a fully managed VPS provider, you can have access to technical support round the clock. The experts are there to guide you through the problems and will prevent major issues from occurring.

  1. Improved security

With huge infrastructure, comes the responsibility of security management. With fully managed VPS hosting, improved security is guaranteed. They are equipped with next-gen tools to take security to the next level. With all the necessary security mechanisms and policies, they can provide better security than you can provide yourself at an additional cost! In the case of unmanaged VPS hosting, you are in charge of your security.

  1. User-friendly Control Panel

To manage your website, you get to have your hands on a user-friendly control panel to handle admin-level tasks. You can easily add websites to the server, view performance stats, create databases, and so on.

  1. Easy Automated backups 

Since the entire management is done by the provider, the service provider is responsible to create backups. A robust disaster recovery plan is in place so you have your hands on your data whenever you need it.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The cost of a fully managed VPS hosting might sound a bit more than the unmanaged one, but in reality, the unmanaged VPS costs you more effort and hassle which the fully managed services free you from. A fully managed service plan is a complete solution plan to help grow the company seamlessly.


MachCloud has all answers to your VPS requirements 

MachCloud is an all-in-one unified communication provider that offers top-notch business communication services. With a VPS powered by MachCloud, you can get your hands on Easy root access, better monitoring facilities, the Latest back-end infrastructure, maximum uptime (99.9%), a dedicated IP, and much more.

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How to Make the Most of Fully Managed VPS Hosting?


A managed VPS is your gateway to a successful business.  With managed VPS Hosting, you can easily launch your business with zero downtime and maximum-security protection.  With such hosting, you get an industry-leading control panel and high availability of servers.

How is managed VPS beneficial to the business?

Managed VPS Hosting is a reliable and scalable hosting solution. It is a stepping stone between shared Web hosting and dedicated Web hosting. Managed VPS hosting is a cost-effective solution where the company gets a virtualized environment, much like that of a dedicated server but at almost half of the cost. Thus, there is more stability and better performance for the business website.

With a fully managed VPS you can get the following benefits:

  • No server management tasks:

A team of in-house experts is there to take care of all the server-related requirements. This includes maintenance, upgrades, software updates etc.

  • Secured environment:

A secured environment awaits you where there is less sharing of resources with other customers of the Provider, thus your data and website are safe from interceptions.

  • Easy upgrading of plans:

With fully managed VPS hosting, you can simply upgrade or downgrade as per your business requirement.

  • Gateway to business growth:

Such systems open up new possibilities for better business growth.

  • Easy migration service:

In a fully managed solution, you get an easy migration facility of your website and its data to the fully managed VPS server.


How can I utilize fully managed VPS to grow my business?

With a fully managed VPS hosting solution, you can do more than just host websites. A secured platform can be used to send emails, file sharing solutions, e-commerce related business, apart from hosting websites.

Collaborative File Editing

There are many collaborative file-sharing options on the Cloud. Many solutions are made out of Fully managed VPS servers. If you wish to focus on something of value, then privacy-focused file sharing is much in demand.  Such tools can be installed with for instance Microsoft WorkFolders. You can always initiate one for further business growth.

Project Management

Since agility has become a major stepping stone in any business, Organizations are always on the lookout for ways for better management of projects. You can always start a Project management project where managers are facilitated with a framework e.g. Scrum process for visualizing tasks and their progress.

Customer Relationship management

CRM solutions need a collaborative environment. Fully managed VPS can give you that environment to host such a web application. With such apps, your customers can track customers through sales funnels. This way, you can be in a better position to cater to customer requests.

MachCloud provides top-notch VPS solutions

MachCloud is your gateway to a successful business. It offers many products and services for successful communication infrastructure. The VPS module offers better stability and greater control over servers.

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What are the benefits to Virtual Private Server/VPS hosting?


A virtual private server helps maintain the business flow with a server that is never slow. It provides greater benefits by increasing performance since it is a Virtual Private Server and keeps your enterprise independent of other users. Since it is not a shared server, any website having a higher traffic will not affect your business’ website. Another main benefit of VPS is that it provides a great level of control. If you do not have access to the root environment, you need to rely on software packages. This is not the case with VPS since you get root access.

Thus, it makes it easier to scale up business also since you have the root control. A VPS makes it easy to scale up the business without interfering on the operations of the server. A simple upgrade to your hosting plan would be sufficient to scale up your plan. This is of course needed when your business grows and traffic increases. VPS is also low cost.


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