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Elevate business communication with Microsoft Teams Calling


Voice for Microsoft Teams is a complete solution to take your business phone to a new level. Microsoft has introduced various components of Teams that can integrate well with your existing PBX systems too. Whether you are new to Cloud Business telephony or have an existing infrastructure in place, Microsoft has got you covered.

What are Cloud telephony benefits?

If you are on the lookout for a cloud telephony system, here are a few things that can make you decide better:

  • Do more with less

Cloud telephony is simple to handle and set up at the same time. The lack of physical hardware lets you manage things with ease.

  • Mobility

One of the biggest advantages of cloud telephony systems over traditional systems is that cloud telephony system let you enjoy mobility while traditional phone systems force you to be glued to your office desk during working hours.

  • Flexibility

Cloud telephony offers easy extension based on the number of growing employees within the organization.

Voice for Microsoft Teams: Setting Up Your Plan

Microsoft Teams provides you the many reasons to set up a Cloud telephony system. The Voice for Teams offering has got you covered, no matter how large or small the organization is. Here are a few things that you need to know before you set up the Voice for Teams offering:

  • Get Business Voice subscription

To Setup Teams, you need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription. In addition to this, if you plan to set up cloud telephony to the next level, it is best to get a Microsoft Business Voice subscription without calling a plan license. Your calling plan will be provided by MachCloud with which you can have any national or international number, get communication credits, and much more.

  • Get the right Internet connection

To set up Teams, you need to check with your Internet provider if your bandwidth plan can support Teams Voice services. So, before setting up Voice for Teams, it is best to make sure your internet connection supports Business Voice.

  • Setup Teams

Once you have the licenses and the right internet connection, you must set up Teams on users’ devices within the organization. For this, you must install Teams on employee devices like PCs and mobile phones. In addition to this, you must set up the environment for Teams like perhaps a conference room setting for audio conferencing or for users in noisy environments.


MachCloud- the one-window for modern cloud telephony services

MachCloud is a modern cloud telephony provider platform that offers many services based on modern business unified communication requirements. There are easy migration options from PBX to Teams Direct routing, easy connection options of PBX and SIP Trunking, better license management of Microsoft office 365 and a complete self-service portal for easy setup and management.

Get your organization ready for next-level communication to cater to modern communication challenges with MachCloud.

5 steps to choose the right Microsoft 365 plans


Microsoft 365 plans are readily adopted by companies that go for the cloud-first approach. Businesses must find the Right M365 plan for better productivity.

Deciding which M365 plan to choose for business is a common business decision. However, there are so many options with Microsoft 365 plans that might perplex you.  Managers and CSPs often find it too difficult to decide which Microsoft 365 plan to go with.

A basic Tip: Keep your cool and analyze your business requirements first.

With that said, let’s dive into the basic steps to ease the decision-making process for choosing the Right M365 plan for your business.

1.      Assess things properly

It is essential to know the type of computers the employees are working on, what the business’s core applications are, and what are the current issues with the systems. Further, you must know what are the areas for which you’ll have to adopt Microsoft 365 Migration.

2.      Know your needs

Answer the following questions to get a basic idea of your needs:

  • Why are you making the shift to the cloud? ( Increase security, increase productivity or it’s a nice-to-have thing for your business)
  • Do you fulfill specific compliance needs?
  • What are the critical business features that will benefit from a cloud-first approach?
  • Do you want an improved internal collaboration?

Amongst employees and departments, needs vary across the company. Your salespeople will have a few different needs than the dev. department.

3.      Plan a budget

For the company, it is required to take up a business plan that falls under the budget.  It is important to know that Microsoft 365 plans are flexible and billed per-user, month-by-month basis, or even based on a yearly contract.

In action to this, you need to have to cater for the migration costs. If you have an IT Team at hand, you might save some bucks there.

4.      Pick your plan

There are many Microsoft 365 plans to choose from. It is always great to get a comparison. Microsoft assists businesses with its comparisons of Business Plans and Enterprise Plans. You can choose from plans like Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Microsoft 365 Apps. In addition to this, there are other plans for nonprofits, first line workers, government, and education.

5.      Reevaluate the licensing and business requirements

Once you have adopted the plan and gone along with it for a year or so, you might want to reconsider opting to another option based on your changing business requirements. It is never too late to assess and start over the process again based on changing market trends.


MachCloud – the All in one communication platform for business

MachCloud is a comprehensive and cross-functional business communication platform. Born in the cloud, MachCloud has got all it needs for the latest digital business communication provisioning for the businesses of today. It provides Microsoft 365 Business plans and Enterprise plans. You can select what is suitable for your business according to the number of employees and other factors.

Get started with MachCloud for a smooth Microsoft 365 experience and expert advice on selecting the plan suitable for your business.

A Step Ahead of VoIP into Unified Digital Communications for Cloud Business


“Communications”. That’s one word which is now more essential in the business domain than ever before. From startups to large enterprises, organizations are in search to find the best communication infrastructure for their inbound and outbound communication needs. Texting, messaging, faxing, video calling, voicemail and many more mediums of communications are adopted for cloud business of today.

While startups explore the possibilities of communications infrastructures and stick to VoIP, larger enterprises have already adopted Unified communications predicting the change in business workflows in near future. So, UC technology it is – the communication technology of tomorrow. Here the question comes up: how is UC technology different to VoIP? The simple Answer: when we talk about VoIP, we are talking of a specific technology, whereas UC is a complete suite that provides a consistent interface across a whole range of communication related applications. In UC, users can switch between communication apps seamlessly, therefore, increasing productivity and improving efficiency of work.

Let’s understand it using a common business case: you get an email form your boss regarding a task that needs to be completed within three days. You message your team about the task, or a few of them, on an application. Then you need to explain the workflow and the next move to a few of individuals and you start a video call, while you are adding them to the call, your boss emails you again about some specific updated information related to the task. You go through it and explain the updated info to your team on a video conferencing app. Once the conferencing is done, you can focus to work on your part to accomplish the task, all communication done with various apps each for every different need. With a three-day ETA, you can’t possibly spend one day in communications and meetings, you have got to act quick, and UC technology will help you achieve that.

So, there are multiple parts of a UC technology like:


This is where you begin. It combines data, voice, calls on the same connection and utilizes the power of different networks. Even VoIP operators combine video conferencing and user presence information.


This is a basic requirement of every app or system. Gone are the days when customers come to your office, now, you have to go where the customers are. Services in a cloud business have to be available on the go, for employees, customers and managers.


By Collab, we primarily mean interaction for the sake of discussions, like in case of screen casting, file sharing, whiteboarding and markup for teams.


This is an important part of UC technology where the users are shown when they are available for communication with indications like Away, Busy, in a meeting and many more. Certain VoIP operators have also added this functionality.

MachCloud – a trusted name in Unified Communications

MachCloud is your one stop Service management and communication delivery platform. It is where all your communication needs are answered with features like Hosted Voice and other Professional services like Microsoft Office 365, Admin as a Service, Microsoft Skype4B. In addition to this, MachCloud offers SIP trunking and a self-service Control Panel. It offers flexible plans and easy-to-understand services for which you will get decent expert support.


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