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Digital Communication Advantages | MachCloud


In the modern era, all cloud based businesses are aware of digital communication advantages. There is a boon in the digital communication market with various communication services coming up and providing competitive cloud communication platforms. In the midst of this, MachCloud has emerged as an all-in-one and unique communication platform.

The need for scalability in modern business

Scalability doesn’t only require infrastructure uplifting, it also requires an uplifting of the collaboration platform. Modern digital communication services provide scalability options to best fit in the market. In the midst of it, MachCloud offers pocket-friendly pricing and plans that provides a competitive edge to the customers and brings more bang for the bucks. With uncertain market trends these days due to COVID-19 crises worldwide, MachCloud offers scalability, both up or down, to its customers. This ensures smooth business operations in a collaborative manner.

Digital Communication and Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solutions

Since Skype is dead, like almost dead, Microsoft Teams is the next big thing in the domain of digital communications. Teams provide the collaboration needed for modern business communications amongst project teams. Microsoft Team is a promising tool that is going to stay for the next many years. MachCloud offers Digital communication services with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Calling in Teams Solutions.

MachCloud’s MachCloud Solution for Microsoft Teams® solution is designed specifically for companies adopting Microsoft Teams. With Direct Routing, customers can make calls worldwide in the Telephony network, via Microsoft Teams. MachCloud offers different pricing plans.

Providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for smooth communication

MachCloud® is another solution designed to meet the current Collaboration trends. It is easily deployable and provides with the facility of an enterprise phone system and makes you stay ahead of the curve. Features like call recording, one-to-one dialogs, reporting, chats, messaging and video call conferencing are few of the many features that are offered at MachCloud for better collaboration. MachCloud Cloud PBX provides latest Enterprise standards in terms of security and reliability with best in line PBX functionality.

Experience excellent call security to combat cyber attacks

In the modern world, security is a big concern for digital communication. MachCloud provides strong protection and security by end-to-end call encryption in Microsoft Teams. This makes businesses adopt Microsoft Teams without any security concern. Multi-factor authentication is also deployed for added security.

In a nutshell, MachCloud is equipped with all the tools necessary for a robust and reliable digital communication platform. The modern communication needs are diverse. MachCloud caters for all types of organizational communication from SME’s to large enterprises.

Head to MachCloud for a smooth and secured digital communication service delivery.

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solutions | Boost your Business Productivity


Microsoft is yet again wining the competition in Cloud Phone System with its lucrative Microsoft Teams calling, Microsoft Teams direct routing and Microsoft Teams PSTN calling services. Since Microsoft has announced Teams Calling plans, there has been a sudden rise in the customer base and businesses are opting for Microsoft Teams Calling plans. Equipped with lucrative benefits, Teams Direct Routing and Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling services are a win-win for businesses that are already planning to update their out-dated Cloud phone systems.Microsoft teams direct routing

According to latest updates, the services are being offered in Europe, North America & Australia. However, CSPs can use the services to call in 196 countries worldwide. Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling is equipped with all the necessary features that are the need of businesses today. It is a productive option for businesses already having PBX System in place. Following is a precise list of the features available in Microsoft Teams Calling feature:

  • Voicemail

Once you have a dedicated phone number and a Phone System license, the voicemail services is setup automatically and provisioned to users. With this feature, voice messages are converted into text messages and sent as an email to Exchange Online mailboxes

  • Response Groups & Auto-Attendants

In the world of digitization, cloud communications has become transformed as well. The trend for Response Groups and Auto-Attendants is high in the competitive business market, so you do not have to miss another important call. Auto Attendants direct your callers to navigate menus to assist them for the purpose they have made the call. There are also options to add special greeting messages, background music and customized menus with multiple language options. All these features make the call more users friendly.

  • Call Forwarding

With this feature, you can answer calls on the behalf of a colleague or coworker on a separate device. The callers are notified about the calls being answered on the call recipients’’ behalf.

  • Group Call Pickup

The feature of group calls is a necessity in today’s business environment; there are many occasions when teams have to meet up online for a quick discussion. With this feature, you can quickly setup a group and add individuals with whom you plan to share call answering responsibilities

  • Park & Retrieve Calls

This is a much needed feature in today’s workplace. With this feature, you can temporarily put the caller on hold to generate a unique code that you can forward to another coworker so he can continue with the caller. This feature is useful if you need to switch devices during a phone call (Device getting out of battery, maybe?)

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MachCloud’s Direct Routing Solution for Microsoft Teams Calling

MachCloud offers lucrative services to businesses with its Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Calling Solution. This solution has given a new meaning to Collaboration with its affordable and top-notch services. The system is equipped with all the features required from an enterprise Phone system and is easily deployable. With features like One-to-one Dialogues, Reporting, Call recording, voicemail and many others, MachCloud’s Teams Direct Routing is a win-win for businesses. It offers attractive pricing plans and hybrid solutions that fulfill business cloud-based communication needs of today.

Join MachCloud’s Direct Routing Solution for Microsoft Teams Calling in Teams and bring more bang for your bucks in business.


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