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Have you done your Skype for Business migration to Teams?


Skype for Business to Teams migration is now more essential than ever due to the fact that Skype for Business is no more available. Microsoft had announced the dates fairly early before they planned to make the move. If you haven’t been into the migration process yet, it’s high time you should bring the change into your company for a persistent cloud telephony experience with Teams

How to Ensure the Best Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Migration?

Skype for Business into Teams migration is not a one step process. It requires planning and creating backups before you kick start the migration process. It is important to go through a couple of activities like enlist the project stakeholders within your organization and from the outer world, define the scope of your project, understand the concept of coexisting in both Skype for business and Teams. Once these activities are defined, Next step is to choose which upgrade journey you will opt for and prepare the environment for it. 

It is always essential to train the employees or at least inform them beforehand related to the expected change in the cloud business telephony system. A short training session before the deployment of the actual system is beneficial too. So, you need to prepare your organization for the change.

How to upgrade users in Skype for Business to Teams migration?

There are two modes of upgrade: upgrade all users to Teams at once, upgrade users in stages.

Upgrade all users to Teams at once

As mentioned above, the employees need to be notified. In the Teams admin center, Org-wide settings > Teams upgrade, you can find the Coexistence mode. Change the mode to Notify Skype for Business users that an upgrade to Teams is available by switching it to On. In the same mode, you can set the coexistence mode to Teams Only from the drop down list.


Upgrade users in stages

In this method, all users are not upgraded to Teams only mode all at once. Rather, they have to be upgraded in waves. So, initially, it is important to inform the first wave employees that they’ll be affected and Set the mode on Teams Only for them, secondly, you need to define the users that will be affected in second wave employees and so on.

A user once having Skype for Business Online mode upgraded to Teams can still continue to use the options for calling to landlines. 

MachCloud makes the Skype for business to Teams Migration journey easy

MachCloud offers a wide variety of cloud business telephony options. Its module for Skype to Business migration is all you need for a hassle-free migration to Teams. The experts are here to guide you with all the necessary details from planning to the actual migration.

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Planning for Skype to Teams migration? Here’s the guide


Many companies are still waiting for the deadline defines for Skype to Teams migration to approach. While it may feel tempting to wait till the end and act promptly, while the announcement is about to be made that Microsoft Teams replaces Skype for Business, it is never a good idea from business strategic management perspective. If you still haven’t performed the Skype to Teams migration, here are 5 major tips to ease your process of Skype to Teams Migration:

  1. Go for Automated Up gradation

Organizations that are small and not equipped with hybrid or on-premises setup are favored by Microsoft. Microsoft offers those organizations automated up gradations for Office 365 tenant. This is particularly fruitful since SMEs don’t necessarily have a lot of IT experts on board.

  1. Focus on the Team

In order to perform Skype to Teams migration, the rollout Team at your end would have to be extended beyond just IT personnel and include stakeholders and executive sponsor that keep track of the training and rollout milestones.

  1. There are built-in upgrade options

The fact is: “Microsoft Teams comes with built-in upgrade options and interoperability”. This is for every business whether utilizing Skype for Business Server on-premises, Skype for Business Online, a hybrid configuration, or even companies having an enterprise voice plan.

  1. Choose an upgrade path

There are two modes for up gradation: Islands mode, Skype for Business with Teams Collab” mode and Teams only mode.

  • Islands mode: In this mode, you get the option of overlapping capabilities while you phase in the new features and eventually phase out Skype for Business features that your users and clients are so used to working with.
  • Skype for Business with Teams Collab mode: This is called the “meeting first approach” in which you are free to select the chosen capabilities.
  • Teams only mode: In this mode, all your calls are managed via Teams. In addition to this, your PSTN is configured well with Direct Routing.
  1. Discover your mode

Out of the many modes Microsoft Provides, there is an option to mix and match.

Either you can set a mode organization-wide or set it for specific users. This can be set in the Teams Admin Center. In this way, you can work with overlapping capabilities for a subset of users within the organization, while employing Teams only for the rest of the organization. So make the move before Microsoft Teams replaces Skype for business.

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