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Experience Direct Routing with Teams and PBX


Microsoft Teams allow smart communication, modern chat facilities, state of the art meetings and easy files storage capabilities.

With Teams gaining popularity more than ever after Skype for Business retirement, cloud communication solutions providers and cloud business officials are looking for ways to get value from their existing systems with Teams as much as possible.

Initially called “bring your own trunk”, Direct Routing was introduced with Teams to provide a PSTN connection with Teams to facilitate Teams users.

Can I integrate Teams with existing systems?

Microsoft enables organizations to place external or internal calls within the organizations. However, telephony features within Teams are limited. To overcome this MachCloud developed a unique connector integrating Microsoft Teams with existing PBX systems via Direct Routing. It enables personalized levels of communication, using the Teams app on any device: Teams Phone, Smartphone or PC.

Chose the right solution

MachCloud allows you to set up telephony services in Microsoft Teams in three different ways:

  1. Replace existing Phone systems with Microsoft Teams. You can save PBX related costs and benefit from attractive calling plans;
  2. Connect Teams users to an existing Cloud PBX, based on MachCloud’s unique Teams connector. Full features PBX functions, combined with the power of the Teams app.
  3. Use the Teams app on PC or smartphone to set up your calls via MachCloud’s Hosted PBX. You do need a Business voice subscription or Phone addon. 

MachCloud assists in choosing the right solution and offers a smooth migration path allowing a ‘small step’ changeover. In case user requirements cannot be met with a single solution, a mix of traditional business telephony and modern calling in Teams can be introduced.

Things to consider before making your choice

  • Migration

To set up Teams or PBX Teams, you need to check telephone numbers, licenses, hardware and call routing. MachCloud offers advice and migration support.

  • Consider Remote working option

Since remote working has become a norm and virtual workplaces will be deployed to increase security, a long-term plan is essential to ensure good quality voice connections. Deploying a Cloud telephony system for remote workers, a PBX with Teams Connection needs to be managed and set up remotely. A backup routing is needed in case of connection failure.



  • Frequency of conference calls

Depending upon the type of business, it is important to forecast the frequency of calls and meetings. Bandwidth and connection requirements must be clear before integrating PBX with Teams. Avoid bottlenecks during an important meeting while working from home.

  • Choose the Right Phone

Simply put, you can use a Smartphone, PC, or existing phone connected to the hosted PBX. However, if phones are used with Teams, you need Teams-certified hardware or migrate existing hardware.

MachCloud is your solution to a successful Teams Migration

MachCloud makes your tasks easier by offering smooth migration options with Microsoft Teams. The all-in-one unified communication provider also provides services like PBX Cloud, Cloud Voice, SIP Trunking, and much more.

Get started with MachCloud for a smooth transition to Teams.

Seven benefits of integrating fixed and mobile telephony with Microsoft Teams

Mobile telephony with Microsoft Teams Integration

Fixed Mobile Conversion

In order not to be tied to a fixed workplace, companies are increasingly opting for mobile telephony and are therefore replacing fixed telephony. This improves the call pick up rate and employees can work at any location. Business communication is mainly handled via the mobile device of employees, unless a fixed device is needed for the reception or contact center. The technical solution can consist of the use of an app on the mobile device that takes care of the calling-out displaying the company’s fixed-line telephone number. Or a special SIM is used that redirects traffic through the company’s telephone exchange.

Key benefits

For many companies it is important that a fixed business phone number is used for business calls while the private mobile number can continue to be used by employees for private calls and WhatsApp. In addition, it is important to be able to see whether someone is busy on a mobile device and to have all the functionalities of fixed telephony available on the mobile device.

Fixed Mobile conversion with Microsoft Teams

With the introduction of calling in Microsoft Teams, a new and interesting variant for Mobile Conversion develops. Microsoft Teams uses a mobile app where the telephony traffic is transported via WiFi or 4G. Calls to a fixed business number can be picked up directly on the mobile handset and calls can be made with only the fixed business phone number visible to the person being called. Incoming calls are visible on both the mobile phone, the workplace (Teams app or Teams phone).

Why is the Microsoft Teams variant interesting for a Mobile Conversion scenario?

  1. The call pick up rate of employees is improved because people can always be reached by mobile and can be diverted to a central post when not answering;
  2. The Microsoft Teams app needs less battery charge of the mobile device compared to other call apps;
  3. The app functions well both inside with Wi-Fi and outside with 4G;
  4. The app uses both the device’s address book and the address book within Teams;
  5. It is not necessary to replace SIMs or port mobile numbers;
  6. The private mobile number is retained and for business use only a 4G or Wifi connection is required. It is not necessary to have a separate business SIM;
  7. Fixed telephony becomes part of Microsoft Teams so that there is one environment for communication and collaboration.


An insight to employee experience with Microsoft Teams and MachCloud

How does MachCloud help with this?

Additional functions are required to fully benefit from Digital Communications feature on mobile devices. Microsoft Teams sends the direct personal number for outgoing calls. That is not always required. MachCloud ensures that the number of your choice is sent as CLI on an outgoing call, such as the main number of the company. In addition, MachCloud can ensure integration with the existing telephone exchange functionality to, for example, set call routes within and outside office hours. A single voicemail box is also provided. Microsoft Teams users can become part of a call group, which also includes employees with a contact center workplace, for example. And all this without the need to replace SIMs or change mobile contracts.

MachCloud is the specialist for business corporate communication systems where a (Cloud) PBX is integrated with Microsoft Teams. Do you need advice? Contact us via or +31 88 622 4000.

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