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Business Phone: Current and Future Trends


Mobile Business phones have become more powerful than supercomputers in 1969. In today’s time, like other daily life operations like bill payment, bank transactions, and managing office work is also going to be eventually managed from the cell phone. In fact, in many companies, ever since the work-from-home policy was adopted during COVID-19, most of the digital communications Cloud collaboration work is done right from employees cell phone and it is used more of a business phone during work timings than a personal device.

It’s still good to talk

As of today, Mobile Phones are the prime medium to text and talk while being geographically apart. This prime purpose will be the same in all eras to come; however, it can be extended with the modern needs of business communication. Features like toll-free numbers, virtual assistants, and bots directing the customers at customer support. With the advent of 5G, business phones and cloud collaboration will be further refined.

What is the business phone evolving into?

The future of AI-based UC solutions may make the use of business phones for include improved online meetings with automatic transcription, based on features like intelligent speaker tracking in a meeting, facial recognition, automated identification and authorization of meeting members when they request to join, generating meeting minutes, finding useful content related to meeting agenda, user recommendation on which employees should join a meeting. All this is basic “Talking over a phone” just taken to a Next Level.

The cornerstone of the business: The Right Business Phone Services

No matter how much you invest in the infrastructure or the cloud, a business phone is only going to be lucrative if you invest in the Right Plan. Many providers include services of installation and planning of the new phone system that is feasible for the organization. Similarly, providers provide an easy transition into the new phone system from the existing system along with expert advice and support on expanding the new system as per business growth.

MachCloud – The Platform providing the latest business collaboration tools

MachCloud is a one-window for all your business’s collaboration and digital business communication needs. Equipped with top-notch infrastructure, MachCloud has got solutions for businesses like Calling in Teams, CloudPBX, SIP Trunks and Integrated Direct Routing. The Microsoft Teams Smartphone app becomes the central platform for collaboration and business communication, as MachCloud connects the Office PBX to Microsoft Teams. The Teams app has high tech Codecs, efficient battery management and effectively replaces traditional SIM based Fixed/Mobile services. Getting started with MachCloud will let you experience the next level Microsoft 365 experience.

Get on board with a state-of-the-art business communication platform and Equip your business with MachCloud today for effective business communication.


Top 3 benefits of Cloud Softphone over traditional Desk Phones


With the rise of Remote working, the very promising concept of Softphones has emerged. Cloud Softphones are calling apps on Computers and mobile devices that facilitate employers to stay in touch with remote workers and keep track of their work progress. These softphones mimic desk phones with a unique interface that resembles a desk phone having a complete dial pad and other features like Mute, Hold, and Transfer. They offer video calling and conferencing, chat and SMS capabilities, visual voicemail management along with all traditional business phone system features.

Digital communication providers offer a wide range of services which include Softphones as well as part of their cloud phone system services. This includes Providers offering free desktop and mobile apps or third-party Softphone apps that work with a variety of services.

  • Keep your business on the Go

With a cloud softphone in place, you can take your business anywhere. That is in contrast to a traditional business phone system that resides on the office premises. In this way, if any employee is travelling to clients for meetings, he can take the cloud business phone system with him and still be in communication with the other staff.

  • Private numbers stay private

With personal numbers saved in the mobile, employees can use softphones to answer calls or make calls on work related numbers while keeping the personal numbers safe. These softphones also don’t take up the call plan minutes because they make calls based on the IP technology.

  • Efficiency with usability

Cloud softphones offer a wide variety of interesting user interfaces with features like Drag-and-Drop Call Transfers, Visual Voicemail, Incoming Call Notifications and many more. You can add shortcuts for keeping things simple while you are travelling and making calls.

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Bonus Benefit: Less clutter, cleaner office

Indeed with softphones in hand, the need and clutter of desk phones is eliminated. No need for traditional business phones power adapters, Ethernet connections, extra cords and other clutter that resides on your desk at office.

MachCloud- the best UCaaS Provider in town

Unified Communications as a Service Providers are in demand for all the cost benefits that they provide to the company. MachCloud services are best-in-line with latest infrastructure and decent Disaster Recovery solutions that keep your business on the go even in the midst of a calamity. With MachCloud, you can Resell better with Office 365 pocket-friendly plans and maximize your profit margins with the plan of your choice. For a progressive business, the choice of the right UCaaS provider is a must. MachCloud is just the right provider for you.


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