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Is Skype for Business a VoIP?


Originally, when Skype was launched, it was a proprietary VoIP system. However, Microsoft has made quite enhancements in its back-end infrastructure and it has now completely moved to a cloud-based service powered by Azure. However, Skype for Business can essentially be used and connected with a SIP Trunk to carry outcalls.

Originally, Skype came from a more distributed system. Every device that needed to communicate over Skype had to install a client application due to which it became a node in a network of nodes. The communication was carried out via the Peer-to-Peer network and used the Skype Protocol. Presently, Skype for Business has emerged as a centralized Cloud-based infrastructure in which call management is more controlled and streamlined. Today, Skype can be integrated well into the Business Phone system which includes SIP Phones or VoIP Phones.

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Does VoIP System work if the internet is down?


Modern VoIP systems are totally dependent on the Internet to function properly. However, if there is an internet failure, the Providers of the VoIP service have fallback facilities. Thus, companies can define what needs to happen when the target device is not online.

So, technically, the VoIP system can still run while the internet is down. This mechanism is called failover protection and can be activated without any human intervention. It means other options are considered in such a case, backup lines are attached that are analog lines for routing calls when there is no internet. As soon as the internet is up and running back again, the phone lines will be connected to Digital. Thus, the Hosted system maintains a smooth flow of communication and makes sure no calls are missed while there are technical issues including the internet being down.

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How does a cloud PBX work?


Cloud PBX essentially needs an Internet connection to carry out cloud-based communication. A VoIP system or any other IP system is needed that provides essentially an IP to your telephony system. It is a full-fledge Virtual PBX phone system hosted in the cloud. Cloud PBX is a hosted private branch exchange. With this, IP PBX transfers the call via the internet to Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN). Thus, Companies adopting a hosted PBX solution do not have to spend on installation, maintenance, and setup of services.

Cloud PBX interface software allows for accessing the cloud PBX features from any device, Multiple devices can communicate with each other via a middleware. In this way, the office phone can be used on-the-go. Cloud PBX is flexible and provides self-resiliency.

The Cloud PBX Provider is responsible for the maintenance and the technical aspects of the underlying infrastructure. A cloud PBX works best for companies that are growing and have an increasing number of employees.

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solutions | Boost your Business Productivity


Microsoft is yet again wining the competition in Cloud Phone System with its lucrative Microsoft Teams calling, Microsoft Teams direct routing and Microsoft Teams PSTN calling services. Since Microsoft has announced Teams Calling plans, there has been a sudden rise in the customer base and businesses are opting for Microsoft Teams Calling plans. Equipped with lucrative benefits, Teams Direct Routing and Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling services are a win-win for businesses that are already planning to update their out-dated Cloud phone systems.Microsoft teams direct routing

According to latest updates, the services are being offered in Europe, North America & Australia. However, CSPs can use the services to call in 196 countries worldwide. Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling is equipped with all the necessary features that are the need of businesses today. It is a productive option for businesses already having PBX System in place. Following is a precise list of the features available in Microsoft Teams Calling feature:

  • Voicemail

Once you have a dedicated phone number and a Phone System license, the voicemail services is setup automatically and provisioned to users. With this feature, voice messages are converted into text messages and sent as an email to Exchange Online mailboxes

  • Response Groups & Auto-Attendants

In the world of digitization, cloud communications has become transformed as well. The trend for Response Groups and Auto-Attendants is high in the competitive business market, so you do not have to miss another important call. Auto Attendants direct your callers to navigate menus to assist them for the purpose they have made the call. There are also options to add special greeting messages, background music and customized menus with multiple language options. All these features make the call more users friendly.

  • Call Forwarding

With this feature, you can answer calls on the behalf of a colleague or coworker on a separate device. The callers are notified about the calls being answered on the call recipients’’ behalf.

  • Group Call Pickup

The feature of group calls is a necessity in today’s business environment; there are many occasions when teams have to meet up online for a quick discussion. With this feature, you can quickly setup a group and add individuals with whom you plan to share call answering responsibilities

  • Park & Retrieve Calls

This is a much needed feature in today’s workplace. With this feature, you can temporarily put the caller on hold to generate a unique code that you can forward to another coworker so he can continue with the caller. This feature is useful if you need to switch devices during a phone call (Device getting out of battery, maybe?)

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MachCloud’s Direct Routing Solution for Microsoft Teams Calling

MachCloud offers lucrative services to businesses with its Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Calling Solution. This solution has given a new meaning to Collaboration with its affordable and top-notch services. The system is equipped with all the features required from an enterprise Phone system and is easily deployable. With features like One-to-one Dialogues, Reporting, Call recording, voicemail and many others, MachCloud’s Teams Direct Routing is a win-win for businesses. It offers attractive pricing plans and hybrid solutions that fulfill business cloud-based communication needs of today.

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5 Ways a VoIP system can reduce your business phone bill | A Digital communications strategy


The old adage “Communication is the key” still holds true especially for cloud businesses. A decent digital business communication infrastructure (like VoIP system or SIP Trunking solution) is indeed the backbone of any cloud business in which operations are carried out within the cloud space. Gone are the days when a traditional business phone system was setup and maintained amongst heavy clutters of wiring, digital communication in the cloud is the trend of today.

Amongst so many options, a smart choice of digital communications strategy is a VoIP. Let’s have a look why.

  • Lessened hardware costs

With VoIP, you don’t have to boil the ocean.  With a decent provider and a digital communications strategy, you get the power of a modern business communication with less investment costs and minimal maintenance cost which eventually brings down the costs you spend on your communications within the business. There are some VoIP providers who offer free hardware and others charge a little fee initially, it is still a lot better than the traditional business phone systems.

  • Pocket-friendly phone calls

Not only the infrastructure, but the phone calls also don’t burden your budget. Providers offer decent digital communications strategy and bundle deals for your cloud business which eventually save you big bucks on your budget. Monthly subscriptions are there that you may or may not continue the next month, depending upon your business needs. Furthermore, if you have international clients, you’d need to make frequent calls abroad; you only have to pay for what you use.

  • Scalability in cheap rates

Either you wish to scale up or down your cloud business, a digital communications system can adapt to your business scalability. No need to add more clutter and cost to the office business phone lines. All you have to do is add users in the cloud and utilize the power of scalability in the VoIP system.

  • Stay up-to-date always

With a VoIP system right in place, the updation of the system and infrastructure is the responsibility of the Provider so you don’t have to deal with out-dated systems anytime. The provider is there to roll in the new changes whenever they are available.

  • Save time

Providers know the importance of your time. When you are mostly busy with technicalities of a traditional phone line, theirs is less chance you’d be able to focus on your business tasks for the day. Providers take you out of that and let you focus on your cloud business operations to save you time and money.

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MachCloud – Industry’s best Digital Communications Provider

At MachCloud, there is something for everyone. It is a robust digital communications platform offering SIP Trunking, Cloud PBX, and Reselling of Office 365 services.  MachCloud offers free calls mixing different technologies and makes the customers save more costs on their communications expenditure. Experts at MachCloud know the importance of your time and take the burden off from your IT team regarding communication infrastructure management.

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