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Can I change an existing Office 365 “Group” to a “Teams”?


Yes, it is possible. Or put it another way, you can create a Team from an existing Office 365 group. This is done from the Microsoft Teams app. Select Join or Create a Team; you’ll be presented with two options, Create Team or Join Team with a code. From that, choose Create Team and then select Create From… You’ll be presented with Teams or Office 365 group, there you must select Office 365 group. Next, you’ll be presented with a list of your existing Office 365 groups. Select the group for which you wish to create a Team. This will permanently add Teams to your existing Office 365 group.

The Team is now created and next, you can view its landing page. To verify members, select Manage Team All the owners, members, and guests from the Office 365 group must be there.

Contact a MachCloud expert to get more information on Office 365 to Teams migrations. 

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