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Can Microsoft Teams chats be monitored?


No, it can’t be monitored by some user who is not part of the chat. Only the users involved in the chat can view it. However, there are ways in which Supervisors can control the way they interact in Teams. For example, the administrators have a right to control what appears in the Teams user’s activity feed, the admin can control the way users tag and interact on Tagging in a Teams chat. The admins can also turn on or off Email integration so they can control whether the users can send emails to a Teams channel or not and they can also turn off file-sharing altogether. There are options to turn off cloud file storage as well.

The admins also have a right to manage external access. However, conversations that are a part of Teams channel are maintained in Microsoft Teams Mailboxes. For the education sector, Microsoft has provided teachers to view the students’ chats to keep a check on aggressive or bullying behavior, however, little benefits are given to Teachers to stop or interact immediately during the Chat.

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